Nearshore Debt Collection Solution


Call Center Services International (CCSI) has a proven nearshore Debt Collection Center located in Baja California (minutes from the San Diego border). CCSI’s nearshore approach will allow you to establish a world-class Satellite Center with an experienced, bilingual (English/Spanish) and performance-driven collection agent workforce.

This is not “outsourcing” rather the Mexico Collection Center becomes an extension of the existing operation and is managed by your team as part of the receivables recovery strategy.

Meet receivables recovery goals

CCSI will establish a state-of-the-art Collection Center for you with an experienced agent workforce. We then provide administrative services such as HR/Payroll functions, training & development, compliance evaluations, IT resources, and corporate structure. Our “nearshore” approach will allow you to maintain complete operational control of your agents and processes versus an “outsourced” model.

Debt collection processes we specialize in:

Database and System Management

Placement Analysis and Performance Reporting

Skip Tracing and Debtor Asset Validation

Transfer Banks

Debt Collection Agents

Key advantages of a nearshore call center:

World-Class Location and Infrastructure - Adjacent to San Diego, Mexico provides easy access and a robust telephony & network infrastructure

Operational Control – You maintain control of Agent processes, workflows, technology platforms and can measure performance in real-time

Increase Recoveries – Greater agent capacity equals more settlements

Abundant Agent Workforce – Mexico Agents are experienced, bilingual, computer savvy and performance-driven

Cost Savings – Reduce labor and overhead costs from 40% to 70% (compared to U.S.)


Our expertise and proven solutions will virtually ensure your success in one of the most cost effective Call Center locations in the world… Baja California and Mexico City.

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