Nearshore Sales / Lead Generation Solution


CCSI’s nearshore approach will allow you to establish a fully integrated satellite Contact Center that is managed by your U.S. team as part of the overall sales strategies for handling call volumes, increasing sales volumes and revenue, driving Key-Performance-Indicators and reducing operational costs.

Your Baja Team will provide a seamless representation of your services, products and company since you have full control of the operation.

Professional agents at globally competitive rates

The administrative needs for “Doing Business In Mexico” are completely handled by CCSI so your team can focus 100% on integrating and managing your Mexico Call Center. CCSI will successfully establish your Customer Service Center based on your requirements (agent skill sets, infrastructure, and technology) and fully administer the operation utilizing our HR, Accounting, IT, and Management Support personnel.

Key advantages of near-shoring with CCSI:

Call Center Services International (CCSI) can provide motivated Sales Agents to increase sales and qualified leads

We have expertise in both inbound/outbound Consumer and Business campaigns

Have your Sales Leads be contacted by real people in our Mexico call center, with a dedicated and experienced quality assurance team listening and validating the calls

We provide Business Services Companies with professional agents and location redundancy at globally competitive rates between $10 to $13 per hour (labor + overhead)


We can successfully establish a professional "low cost" center in Mexico. This model is extremely successful because you maintain operational control of your Nearshore call center and can clone systems, training, processes and best practices to your performance standards.

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