Nearshore IT / Software Development Solution

IT/Software Development

Call Center Services International (CCSI) provides World-Class IT support, programming and development staffing from our nearshore technology center in Baja California (minutes from San Diego, California) and Mexico City.

This is not outsourcing as your Mexico workforce becomes an extension of your IT group and is fully integrated within the current technology support and development platforms. This nearshore approach gives you control over processes, systems, workloads, and project outputs across your entire IT support and development life-cycle.

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Do you need to expand your team of software developers to deliver fast and accurate results during all stages of development and IT processes?

CCSI can ensure a successful launch of your newest Nearshore Technology Support & Development Center with cost saving and workforce benefits to your business.

CCSI will provide administrate services such as Staffing, Development Facility, Technology Infrastructure, Workforce training, coaching, collaboration and project management. We are responsible financially and legally for all Mexico employee’s, and regulatory obligations.

Mexico Support and Development Expertise

Inbound/Outbound Help Desk Support
Workstation Set Up, Maintenance and Support
Project Management & Documentation
IT Development - .NET, SQL, Web API
GUI & e-commerce Programming – HTML, Java, J-query
Web & Graphical Design
Database Configuration & Administration
Testing / QA – Test plan & QA evaluations

Mexico Center Benefits

Reduce labor and overhead costs by 50% (verses U.S.)
Abundant availability of IT workforce
Workforce travel to the U.S.
Cultural Alignment (U.S. English and Pacific Time Zone)
Technology Center minutes from San Diego, California

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