Tijuana is a Safe City to do Business


Tijuana is safe for businessmen and Americans alike. Despite news glorification of violence in the region, Tijuana ended 2012 with marked security improvements and crime reduction.

Efforts made by Tijuana municipal police over the last 5 years to combat corruption in the ranks, as well as improve security on the streets are proving effective.

Main exporters of IT services & business process

In addition to the growth in manufacturing and industrial production, Mexico is also now one of the world’s main exporters of IT services, ranging from software to business process outsourcing such as call centers. With Mexico on the rise as a global player in manufacturing, over 70-fold growth in IT and Business.

  • Renewed commitments by Mexican President Peña Nieto and recent cross-city promotion by San Diego’s Mayor Filner all point to a region friendly to business and safe for travel and work.

Crime on the U.S./Mexican Border,
Crime Rates in Tijuana are Down

Crime is expected for any tourist or border town, anywhere in the world due to the transitory nature of people between countries. It is no different in Tijuana. However recent statistics show that increased security and economic investment are having a positive impact on the overall crime rate.

With its proximity to the US city of San Diego and the cooperative nature between both US and Mexican governments, Tijuana has historically harbored low anti-American sentiments and flourished with bi-national commercial and family ties.

Crimes against Americans are extremely rare given the fact that over 1 million Americans live in Mexico and over 40 million2 people cross from San Diego into Tijuana each year.

Crime rates for the City of Tijuana are down and have been on a downward trend for the past several years. In early 2013, Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante announced that kidnappings have fallen 74% since 2010.


Tijuana is as safe as any modern city in the world today. Increased industrial and manufacturing development coupled with the more than 150,000 people crossing the border every day counter the glorified news reports of crime in the region.

While Mexico has drug violence, the majority of this violence is between drug cartels and is not targeted towards foreign businessmen or civilians. The following presentation and analysis show the latest crime and security trends, as well as comparisons to other major international cities.

Many of the most recent figures continue to demonstrate that Tijuana is comparably as safe, if not more, than its global counterparts.


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