Baja & Mexico City Nearshore Locations

Baja & Mexico City

With solid trade, finance and business policies in place, Mexico's progress is steady. A wide range of US businesses have turned their attention towards Mexico for low cost nearshore outsourcing solutions to serve the North American market.

Call Center Services International has strategically-located contact and support facilities in Baja California and Mexico City. Here are some key insights about these two regions to help you understand how your business can benefit by expanding its operations in Mexico.

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Baja California Region

The State of Baja California Mexico has a population of over 3 million people and has 10,000 Call Center Seats with 50% servicing North American customers.

Insights about Baja California


Proximity to the U.S. border.

Reduced labor & operational costs (50% less than U.S.).

Bilingual and performance-driven workforce.

Cultural alignment with North America.

World-Class facilities and technology infrastructure.

Mexico Metropolitan Area

Mexico City and surrounding municipalities make it the second largest metropolitan area in the world with a population of 20+ million people.

Insights about Mexico City


Low-Cost wages for Call Center Agents, Software engineers and IT professionals.

Large recruitment pool that speak North American English/Spanish and possesses great technical skills.

Cultural and Time Zone alignment with U.S. markets.

World-Class facility and technology infrastructue.

Direct Flights from the U.S. (1 to 4 hour travel time).

Stats of the Baja Region

The busiest border in the world

Second largest number of foreign companies in Mexico

Top State in Competitive Structure Index (ITESM)

Second most open economy entity in the country

Third place nationally in air cargo movement

State with the most maquiladora, manufacturing and export services establishments

State with the most aerospace companies in Mexico

Stats of Mexico City

Mexico City International Airport is the second busiest airport in all Latin America.

The eighth largest urban economy in the world with a GDP of US$411 billion.

FDI Cities of the Future ranks Mexico City 7th in terms of future economic potential.

International business is increasingly investing in Mexico City’s central business district (70% of the total investment in the country).

Successful Contact Centers in Baja California

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Successful US Companies in Mexico City

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