CCSI’s expertise in business functions and industries such as U.S. Debt Collection, Inbound/Outbound Customer Service, Telephone Sales, Lead Generation, Order Fulfillment and Back Office Processes, enables us to offer a wide range of solutions that are designed, implemented and managed according to your call center needs and business goals.

CCSI's management team has over 35-years of expertise in successfully establishing U.S. Companies in Mexico. We have the legal framework, technology infrastructure and professional administrative personnel to quickly get your center up and running.


Call Center Services International (CCSI) provides a World-Class Bilingual Workforce, State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure, and proximity to U.S. (minutes from the San Diego border).

Agent Workforce


At Call Center Services International, we take pride of our contact center agents for their professionalism and low turnover rate.

Due to our proximity with the United States, CCSI provides agents in nearshore Mexico that are fluently bilingual and bicultural, which ensures an experienced, diverse workforce capable of handling North American customers.



Imagine having to wait until the next day for an answer to an important matter or traveling for 16 hours to get to your business center.

Call Center Services International is a world-class contact and development center that provides convenient proximity to the U.S. Border with state-of-the-art facilities in Baja California (minutes from San Diego, CA) and Mexico City (3 hours from major U.S. airports).



Mexico has State-Of-The-Art technology infrastructure and professional IT personnel to handle the most advanced requirements of your service center strategy.

A partnership with Call Center Services International will provide world-class infrastructure with complete support services that make establishing and operating your Nearshore Center quick and easy.

Binational Business Partnership

Binational Business Partnership

The U.S.-Mexico business partnership allows Call Center Services International to provide top companies with world-class contact center agents, service with close proximity to the U.S., and state-of-the-art infrastructure & facilities.

According to a recent KPMG analysis, Mexico has the lowest-cost advantage for United States businesses.


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