When a Company Decides to Move Its Call Center Operation to a More Competitive Location, The Question is: Where?

When a Company Decides to Move Its Call Center Operation to a More Competitive Location, The Question is: Where?

Even though offshore, India, Philippines or South Africa, might seem like the first option, the industry trends rise towards nearshoring, a more attractive option to consider.

Mexico has become the preferred "nearshore" destination for companies servicing North and South American markets due to the bilingual and skilled workforce. These companies realize an immediate competitive advantage because of the huge cost savings benefit a Mexico Call Center provides and the close proximity to the U.S. This proximity allows your management team to maintain control of the agents, processes and ensures performance standards are met.

For over 60-years top Global Companies have been investing in Mexico, in particular the Baja California region (adjacent to California), home to many fortune 500 companies utilizing the region for high-quality manufacturing and call center business functions. This region has fostered great Cultural Alignment with the U.S. and features a workforce and education system build around U.S. business needs. Baja California has a labor pool population of over 5 million people, who value prestigious Call Center career opportunities.

A Nearshore Call Center allow you to maintain operational control of your agents and processes. This is different from an "outsourced" model where control and performance responsibilities are handed over to a service provider. The "nearshore" approach allows you to establish a satellite facility and mirror agent training, continuous development, technology, best practices and performance goals.

Your management team integrates these satellite agents with the existing team thus maintaining control and performance responsibility for the operation. Who understands your business better than you?

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