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Tips to Take Care of Your Call Center Headsets

Corded or wireless headsets are somewhat fragile pieces of equipment that can break easily and take a lot of abuse because they are used in a daily basis in a Call Center.  Here are 6 tips to prevent excessive wear and damage to one of your most important call center tools.

Meet Us At Call Center Week 2015

If you are interested in establishing a near-shore Center, then we would like to meet you at the 16th Annual Call Center Week Conference and Expo in Las Vegas June 17th or 18th.


Call Center Services International (CCSI) has a proven solution for companies seeking to establish a near-shore Contact Center operation. This is not "outsourcing", rather your Baja Center becomes an extension of your existing operation and is managed by your U.S. team. This approach is highly successful because it allows you to maintain control of your call center operation, reduce operational costs, and measure performance in real-time.

Meet Us At The NARCA 2015 Spring Collection Conference

A Near-Shore Collection Center will significantly reduce your operational costs and boost recovery horsepower...

We would be delighted to discuss these advantages with you at the NARCA SPRING CONFERENCE in Nashville, May 7th or 8th.

Top Collection Firms and Agencies have established near-shore collection centers in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego). They have chosen Call Center Services International

CCSI Prepares Call Center Agents to Meet Customer Expectations

Call Center Services International agents have a comprehensive understanding of the important role they play in our clients' business, as well as their impact in overall call center operations. Each contact center agent can make a huge difference in a customer's experience, which will ultimately result in customer satisfaction and positive bottom line impact.

This is why our in-house training staff customizes training to our client's needs. They help our call center agents identify opportunities to make a difference in a customer interaction and quantify the impact of their work in the overall operation, as well as on the other team members. Training types include Systems and Processes, Certification Programs, Negotiation and Closing Techniques, Customer Satisfaction, How to Deal with Rejection, Up Sell and Cross Sell Opportunities.

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