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Celebrating 6 Years of Establishing Call Centers in Mexico

CCSI turns 6 this month!

Six years ago, we founded Call Center Services International with the vision of providing a cost effective nearshore Contact Center solution that delivers a talented workforce with outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.

At the end of our first year, CCSI had 3 clients and 50 agents. Today, we have 12 clients and over 300 employees. Our clients have turned to our expertise in establishing Contact Centers in Mexico, backed with our commitment to assure performance driven results, excellent agent development and continuous process improvement.

Meet Us At The 2014 DBA International Conference

If your goal for 2014 includes Increasing Agent Recovery Horsepower, then we want to meet you at the 17th Annual DBA International Conference in Las Vegas, February 5th to the 7th...

Call Center Services International (CCSI)has a proven Debt Collection solution that will allow you to increase Agent Recovery Horsepower from our near-shore collection center located in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego). The advantages of Baja California are the abundance of performance driven, bilingual and FDCPA certified Agents that are significantly less cost than their U.S. counterparts.

Welcome To Our New Nearshore Contact Center Facility

Call Center Services International inaugurated its new facility located on the terrace of the Plaza Agua Caliente commercial building in Tijuana yesterday.

This Shelter with 6 and a half years on the market and about 265 current employees offers Debt Collection, Sales, Marketing, Telemarketing, HR Management, Accounting and other nearshore contact center services to US customers and other countries. Although relatively young in the market, CCSI forecasts growth of up to 50% by the end of 2014, creating jobs that benefit the local economy in Tijuana.

The Importance of Customer Service in the Mobile Era

We are, hopefully, all convinced of the importance of customer service. What about mobile device enabled customer service? Equally important I would say. Let me illustrate: A few days ago I overheard a conversation during which an 8 year old showed his dad's new iPhone to a friend. When he got to the handset icon he said: "That's the phone app". That little snippet of conversation caused me to reflect on how smartphones (and tablets) are changing the way in which we think about being connected with the wider world. In the past being able to make and receive calls from anywhere was absolutely phenomenal. Today this is seen as just one of the many things that the devices that we carry around should be able to do. We use mobile devices to shop, surf, talk, text, chat, email, navigate and many other things beside. Perhaps we should begin to call them 'remote controls for life'.

BPO Providers Anticipate Big Windfall as ‘ObamaCare’ Threatens to Drive Jobs Offshore

obamacare-logo fullThe so-called "ObamaCare" law, set to go in effect next year, has the potential to become a huge win for the global BPO industry – but the devil is in the details depending on how U.S. employers react to the new mandate. Many large employers have announced their intentions to limit employment due to the new law's requirements—and has created a potential bonanza for outsourcing providers seeking to expand business functions support for corporate business services previously residing 'in-house'

Obviously, the prospect of employers seeking to reduce exposure to these mandates, especially for those employing a large number of entry level professionals such as domestic customer service representatives, causes any prudent executive to examine options, including outsourcing certain work functions to reduce or eliminate exposure to the potentially onerous mandates of the health care initiative. This shift in business has some sell-side executives considering the opportunities.

FDCPA Reform Coming? Senate Subcommittee to Hold Hearings on Debt Collection

shutterstock 1703806The Senate Banking Committee's Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection will be holding a series of two hearings beginning next week to discuss the debt collection industry and possible legislative fixes to current law.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), chairman of the subcommittee, last month sent a formal letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray urging the federal watchdog to issue rules and regulations to tighten oversight of the debt collection industry. At the time, Brown promised to hold hearings on how to best update the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).