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Annoying Contact Center Phrases

Have you read our previous article, “8 Horrifying Phrases You Never Want To Hear In Your Call Center”? Here are 5 more annoying phrases your customers (and you) hate to hear from Contact Center staff.

There are a lot of phrases that can ruin the customer experience. Customers hate to hear phrases that give them the impression that you don’t really care about them, that you aren’t willing to help them, and that you are not capable of helping them. Sometimes the situation can be the same, but if we make the mistake of choosing the wrong words to answer a question, customers can feel annoyed and frustrated. Here some examples and how to avoid them.

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With over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, Call Center Services International works with top U.S. companies to help them establish a HIPAA and PCI compliant Nearshore Debt Collection Center in Mexico and make sure their receivables recovery goals are met with professional, bilingual, and FDCPA-trained agents.

Nearshore Increases Performance

When we talk about Nearshore, many will mention it’s cost-saving advantage and the abundant pool of bilingual and bicultural agents, which are good things to consider for a contact center company. But did you know that having a Nearshore Contact Center can help you increase performance?

There are several ways a Nearshore can increase your call center performance, starting with the bilingual ability of the agents, the workforce capacity you can increase, the expertise they have, and the low turnover rates they manage. Not convinced yet? Keep reading.

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