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6 Advantages Of A Nearshore Call Center

Speaking from our experience in establishing call centers in Baja California for North American businesses, we have come to understand that when companies consider offshore outsourcing, they are looking at associated benefits, like lower costs and avoiding the difficulty of recruiting and training agents, among others. A nearshore solution also provides those benefits, but, did you know that there are additional advantages that come with establishing a call center in Baja California?

Take for example Call Center Services International's nearshore approach. With a nearshore call center you would also benefit from these key advantages:

1. Same Business Hours. One of the most common problems with outsourcing is the time difference. With a nearshore call center in Baja California you would share business hours in the same Pacific Time zone as in the United States. The biggest time difference would be between East Coast and West Coast.

10 Examples Of Debt Collection UDAAP To Avoid

As part of an effective Compliance Management System, it is important to always make sure that all your call center debt collectors know the rules and what types of practices are unfair, deceptive or abusive with periodic training. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is watching closely and has the power to identify and prohibit practices that are collectively referred to as “unfair, deceptive or abusive acts and practices (UDAAP).”

Understanding this aspect of compliance is of great importance to the debt collection industry. But describing what the CFPB deems as unfair, deceptive and/or abusive is tricky.

The following are examples of conduct that could constitute UDAAPs. Some of these are already prohibited under the FDCPA, but debt collectors may face additional liability under UDAAP violations:

Meet Us At The NARCA 2014 Spring Collection Conference

Can a nearshore Collection Center help you increase recoveries and reduce operational costs?

To learn how, let's meet at the NARCA 2014 Spring Collection Conference, May 15th to the 18th.

Top Collection Firms and Agencies have established nearshore collection centers in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego). They have chosen Call Center Services International (CCSI) to establish their collection centers because of our extensive knowledge of the Collections industry and our ability to drive agent performance results.

Customer Satisfaction: The Call Center Execution Gap [INFOGRAPHIC]

Establishing customer-centric call centers is increasingly becoming the center of attention for companies. Therefore, managing the customer experience and meeting customer satisfaction has never been more of a priority.

However, when it comes to Customer Service solutions and strategies, "there is a difference between thinking and doing." In a recent call center industry survey, Call Center Week uncovered how big the gap really is between what call centers know they should be doing vs. what they actually do when determining how best to satisfy customers.

These are the top 6 actions organizations will undertake in pursuit of customer satisfaction:

4 Steps To Successfully Survive A CFPB Investigation Or Examination

On April 9, the CFPB ordered Bank of America to pay about $727 million for illegal credit card practices. The largest enforcement action taken by the CFPB so far. In the debt collection industry, investigation by regulators and subsequent monetary penalties are not the only cost of noncompliance. It also leads to litigations and lawsuits, brand damage, loss of customers, diminishment of business, and bad customer experience.

So, how do you create a culture of compliance in your company that will withstand CFPB scrutiny?

With the ever moving target of compliance, it is necessary to take these preventive steps:

U.S. States That Require Collection Agency License

Many U.S. States have laws regulating debt collection, to which agencies must adhere. In addition, many States and a few cities require collection agencies to be licensed. It is important for debt collection agencies to understand this practice, because it is a sign of professionalism and commitment to the industry. If you intend to conduct consumer debt collection services in the U.S., you may require a license.

The following are U.S. states that require consumer debt collectors to be licensed:

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