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In-House Vs. Outsourcing Call Center Cost

When evaluating the possibility of hiring an outsourcing call center service and its cost-saving opportunity, the most important part is knowing your own in-house call center cost. How will you compare the cost of an outsourcer if you do not really know how your cost and expenses work? It is important to keep in mind what aspects of your business you should include and what does the outsourcing service cover. This way, you will really know which cost-saving opportunity is more convenient for your business.

Contact Center Redundancy

For call centers, redundancy is important. Even more for call centers that offer 24/7 services. It is important to always be there for our customers so we can offer all our services for them and help them when they need it. It is part of the customer experience, always being there when they need us. But how do we do it when we have natural disasters, hacker attacks, or our service providers stop working? These are things we cannot control. But there are many things we can do to be able to keep the operation working and have minimum loses. We should worry about the redundancy of our centers. How do we make our contact centers redundant? Are we redundant enough? We can tell you some actions you can take to improve the redundancy of your contact center. But first, we would like to talk about the problems call centers can go through to understand why and when we need the extra services, systems, and locations for redundancy.

Tijuana Nearshore Location

We know that the principal advantage of the nearshore model is proximity, which comes with several advantages for contact centers, such as cultural alignment, talented bilingual agents, similar time zones, and better operational control than with offshore services. Tijuana is one of the closest nearshore locations for the United States and this accentuates the advantages of nearshore: giving a larger pool of bilingual agents, better cultural alignment, the ability to have, even more, control of the operation and considerably reducing the indirect costs that come with it. BPOs are looking at Tijuana to invest in a nearshore contact center. But what really makes Tijuana so unique?

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