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Questions To Ask Before Outsource

Are you in the process of choosing an outsourcing company? Before making a decision, be sure that you know all you need to know about that company, from what they offer to how they are going to manage your project. If we forget to ask the correct questions, we can risk choosing the wrong solution our company. But don’t worry, here are several questions you should ask an outsourcing company to make a wiser decision.

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Call Center Services International’s nearshore solution will allow you to establish a world-class Debt Collection Center in Mexico.

CCSI is not outsourcing Infographic

Many would think that Call Center Services International (CCSI) is an outsourcing solution. But as our clients understand, we do not consider ourselves outsourcing. It’s true that we offer a nearshore contact center solution to U.S. companies and that it’s a common practice for some businesses to outsource contact center processes. But our model, the way we manage your contact center services, is different. There are 4 important aspects in our model that are different from traditional outsourcing.

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