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American Contact Centers Choose Nearshore Mexico

You might already know that Nearshore by itself brings great advantages for U.S. businesses: proximity, cost reduction, and quality. But now, we need to know what the best nearshore location is. Many American contact center companies are choosing Mexico, the third largest supplier of information technology services, after India and the Philippines. There are many advantages, like its English-speaking population, economy, proximity, infrastructure, and more. Here are some of the reasons why American companies choose Mexico that will help you see if you can also benefit from establishing a nearshore contact center.

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Obstacles for Delivering a Great Customer Experience

The concept of Customer Experience is now well known in the Contact Center Industry, but many companies fail to deliver a great customer experience. Why is that? There are many obstacles they might be facing, but to overcome them companies need to know what those obstacles are. We reached out to our favorite CX Experts on Twitter and asked them: What do you think are the biggest obstacles for delivering an outstanding customer experience?

Essential Elements yo Teach to your Nearshore Team

When starting with a new team, no matter if it’s in-house or outsourced, training plays an important role. Some things are easier to learn in-house, or sometimes we give a different training to outsourced teams and forget to teach them essential elements. If you have, or are willing to have, a nearshore contact center team and you want it to be successful, don’t forget to teach them about these 5 essential things: Your vision, processes, products, industry and customers.

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