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Horrofying Call Center Phrases

It’s Halloween time. We could talk about ghosts, witches, and nightmares. But, we want to talk about something scarier: horrifying phrases that you might have heard on the call center floor and that gave you goosebumps. Phrases that totally ruin the customer experience. Can you guess some of these phrases? We guess you can hear them like whispers in your mind right now. Can you feel the fear already?


Oh, but don’t worry. We will also give you the silver bullets for those werewolves: great phases that your call center agents can use instead. Just make sure this is included in your training, you don’t want your call center to be like a haunted house for your customers.

Unique Call Center Greeting

Many call center managers can agree with us that the greeting in a call is extremely important in customer experience. It could sound as something simple, but it’s the first thing your agents are going to say in every call, the first impression, and the moment they present themselves and the company to a customer. It should be memorable, reinforce valuable brand awareness and create relevant rapport with the customer to make them feel welcome to talk about their issue. For this reason, it’s important to think about how and what your call center greeting should be. Are we saying a lot of information in our greeting or are we missing something important? Is it the correct tone or way to say it? Well, it depends on the type of company, but we can give you some tips that can help you evaluate your greeting and create a better impact in every call.

In-House Vs. Outsourcing Call Center Cost

When evaluating the possibility of hiring an outsourcing call center service and its cost-saving opportunity, the most important part is knowing your own in-house call center cost. How will you compare the cost of an outsourcer if you do not really know how your cost and expenses work? It is important to keep in mind what aspects of your business you should include and what does the outsourcing service cover. This way, you will really know which cost-saving opportunity is more convenient for your business.

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