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Discover Nearshore Mexico At CCW 2018

Are you heading to Customer Contact Week 2018 in Las Vegas?


Call Center Services International will be at booth #526 in the CCW 2018 Expo Hall. Let’s meet and discuss how establishing a world-class contact center in nearshore Mexico can help you expand agent capacity and reduce overhead costs by 40% to 60% while maintaining operational control and ensuring quality performance.

Facts About Customer Experience

We are sure you already know the importance of customer experience in the contact center industry. Well, in all industries in general. But have you proven it with numbers? Here are some handy insights to help you measure the level of importance of Customer Experience and understand what are the elements that play the biggest roles in it. Let’s jump right into these 9 facts about customer experience your contact center team can’t afford to ignore.

Bad Customer Service Experiences

Just like Flavio Martins mentions in his article, Why Bad Customer Service Experiences Happen: “It’s inevitable that customer service experiences will sometimes fail.” It happens even to companies that are the best in customer experience. But they are the best for a reason, they know how to act and solve the situations where they fail. Do you have a plan to manage bad customer experiences? Discuss with your Contact Center team and define what will you do. You can think of many ways to do it and here we can help you with 5 basic recommendations to manage these kinds of situations.

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