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Mexico Call Centers Could Benefit From Donald Trump’s Deportation Pledge

If Donald Trump deports millions of people, Mexico’s call centers will have one word for him – and it won’t be gracias; it’ll be thanks.

The booming industry needs English speakers to service US customers, and the US president seems set to oblige with a deportation force that could banish record numbers of Americanized Mexicans south of the border.

Wakefield & Associates is a leading collection agency with centers throughout North America. Wakefield has experienced significant growth in recent years from new clients and acquisitions. In January of 2016, Wakefield established a near-shore Collection Center in Baja Mexico to ensure that performance growth objectives were met.

The Baja Contact Center Cluster, an organization that groups Service Sector companies through call centers, informed that it has shown an average 150% growth between 2015 and 2016 so far. Which, according to projections, will continue to the end of this year.

When Check 'n Go needed greater call center capacity to support their 1,000 stores and on-line lending programs they established a near-shore support Center in Baja California Mexico. The Baja Center is fully integrated with the main Ohio Center, and gave them additional Agent capacity, bilingual