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Essential Elements yo Teach to your Nearshore Team

When starting with a new team, no matter if it’s in-house or outsourced, training plays an important role. Some things are easier to learn in-house, or sometimes we give a different training to outsourced teams and forget to teach them essential elements. If you have, or are willing to have, a nearshore contact center team and you want it to be successful, don’t forget to teach them about these 5 essential things: Your vision, processes, products, industry and customers.

Connect better with customers

We are social and emotional. We trust people we relate with, we trust in our family and friends. What if your call center agents could create a connection with the customer to increase their trust and, that way, increase sales, collections, or whatever performance goal you have, and, at the same, boost customer loyalty? There are many things agents can do to achieve this. What’s important is to show customers you see them as people and show you care about them. Here are 5 things call center agents can do to build a better relationship with your customers.

Advantages of a Call Center On-Site Visit

There are several steps to consider when choosing an outsourcing contact center company. You need to do some research, call the company, review the brochure, get a proposal, send an RFP. All those things can give you an idea of the type of contact center you are dealing with and the service they offer. But nothing will give you a better actual impression than an onsite visit to their contact center.

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