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When a Company Decides to Move Its Call Center Operation to a More Competitive Location, The Question is: Where?

Even though offshore, India, Philippines or South Africa, might seem like the first option, the industry trends rise towards nearshoring, a more attractive option to consider.

Mexico has become the preferred "nearshore" destination for companies servicing North and South American markets due to the bilingual and skilled workforce. These companies realize an immediate competitive advantage because of the huge cost savings benefit a Mexico Call Center provides and the close proximity to the U.S. This proximity allows your management team to maintain control of the agents, processes and ensures performance standards are met.

Viewpoint: Five myths about Mexico

As US President Barack Obama visits Mexico this week, he may want to consider the new realities of the country, says Shannon O'Neil, from the Council on Foreign Relations.

President Obama's visit to Mexico is part of a long tradition of diplomatic relations between the US and its neighbour to the south.
But while many Americans feel that they understand the basic economic and social forces that drive Mexico, the realities are much more interesting.
Here five myths about Mexico, that have a direct impact on American foreign policy, are debunked.

Mexico Rises in Business Process Outsourcing with India’s Annual Economic Outlook Reporting a 10% Loss in BPO

Tijuana, Baja California, MEXICO. India's pre-budget Economic Survey report was delivered to the Indian Parliament at the end of February. The annual economic report showed a 10% loss over the last 5 years in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business to other countries making a notable dent in India's $20B world share. Mexico is emerging as a formidable player in the BPO sector with other strategic locations such as the Philippines and Brazil. According to the NASSCOM report, most of this loss is in the voice contract sector.

The Tijuana-based Call Center Services International (CCSI) cites this as yet another sign that Mexico is becoming a more attractive nearshore option for North American firm's call centers and BPO needs.

Mexico Is a Top Destination for Doing Business and Shelter Company Programs Are Proving To Be a Worthwhile Approach

Tijuana, Baja California, MEXICO. Mexico ranks as top destinations for doing business according to the annual "Doing Business Report" released for 2013 by the World Bank. Mexico improved 6 positions in the last two years according to World Bank findings, showing Mexico as a formidable player in international business. Shelter programs in Mexico offered by consulting and administrative service firms offer global corporations the protection with oversight in Mexico's pro-business environment.

From reducing the number of times a company pays taxes from 6 times in 2012 over 27 times in 2011, to the elimination of the minimum $5,000 USD required to start a business, Mexico is coming out of the international business gates at full steam.

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