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Tips Train Agents Avoid Dead Air

Dead air are the long moments of silence during a call. These can be caused for many reasons. Maybe the call center agent needs to find more information, manage a slow system or wait for programs or data that have to be processed. Dead air might not be perceived as a big problem in call centers, but it causes annoyance to our customers. Who likes to be kept waiting? It could also affect the performance of your call center operation because it is time we are not using. For this reason, it is key to train our agents on how to avoid dead time during calls. Here are some great tips to avoid it!

Nearshore or Offshore Contact Center

Offshore contact centers are well known as a low-cost solution and Nearshore outsourcing for their proximity to the United States. But which contact center service is better for you? There are some advantages to consider, like time zone, cultural alignment, accessibility, workforce management and the kind of processes you can implement with these contact center services. Let’s compare Nearshore and Offshore contact center services to see which is a better fit for your company’s needs.

Mexico The Lowest-Cost Advantage For United States Businesses

Cost might not be the only factor in play when choosing a nearshore outsourcing option to do business in another country. But, we must accept that it always matters for business decisions like this. Every year, KPMG conducts an analysis that provides insights of doing business in countries around the world, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The administrative services studied the cost of 4 sectors in 10 countries, examining factors such as labor cost, transportation cost, utility cost, cost of capital and taxes.

Nearshore contact center

Hiring a nearshore call center team is a complicated decision. You will need to make sure that every detail will be performed in the correct way and that your nearshore contact center mirrors your company’s culture. You need to understand that when it comes choosing a nearshore contact center team it is not only about the cost, there are more important aspects to consider.

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