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How to Build Successful Call Center Teamwork

Teamwork in a call center is fundamental because each agent is considered a part of something bigger. Meaning that if one team member performs duties incorrectly, the whole call center team will be affected as a result. In a call center, which can be a fast-paced work environment, everyone is accountable for one another and all contact center managers need to have well-developed team building skills. It takes an experienced manager and dedicated employees to develop a productive teamwork environment in a call center.

The following are essential suggestions to establish effective teamwork in a call center:

3 Ways to Create a Paperless Environment Call Center

Maintaining a paperless environment not only improves employee efficiency (making it easy to manage and track their workload) and reduces environmental impact, but also, in the Call Center Industry, it represents a big leap forward into enhancing information security and minimizing risk, not to mention significantly reducing operational costs.

Most of us already know these and other immediate and long-term benefits of a work environment that has no paper, but how can you make a paperless call center a reality?

Here are three suggestions to cut paper out of your call center operations:

5 Tips to Drive Call Center Agent Motivation

A happy contact center workforce equals happy customers, because a motivated staff will work better and harder. Yet, different individuals respond to different incentives, and the same goes for groups, they might not all respond to the same stimulus. So, how do we boost the morale of employees on a daily basis?

Here are a few tips to build a positive call center atmosphere and ensure your agents are always motivated:

Facts About Collection Agency Operations and Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2014, collection agency operations professionals are approaching technology to improve business processes, contact center management, and maintain compliance, showing that they prioritize integration, PCI compliance and customer service over per-transaction pricing when selecting a payment solution.

This was a fundamental takeaway from a recent survey of collection technology solutions and the priorities of decision-making accounts receivable management professionals conducted by BillingTree and insideARM.

The following infographic presents the key findings from that survey with respect to business growth opportunities and risks, adoption of payment technology trends, and convenience fees charged to consumers.

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