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IT and Software Development in Mexico

IT and Software Development talent in Mexico is growing. There are many U.S. companies that are turning to look at Mexico for their IT projects. This is because Mexico has several advantages for companies that need these services. Mexico has a large pool of talented IT and development professionals fluent in English, located in fully equipped facilities, with the best infrastructure. The Mexican government knows that this industry has a great potential for the country and for this reason its investing and helping companies to establish IT and Software development centers. Let’s take a closer look at these great advantages.

Tips To Manage and Avoid Absenteeism

We know that it’s hard for contact centers to manage absenteeism. Holidays, vacation, maternity leave, etc., can affect performance on days with a high volume of calls. Now imagine if you add to that the agents that call in sick or simply do not show up. It can be a nightmare for workforce managers. Because of this, it’s important to do whatever we can to avoid absenteeism and have clear policies that will let you manage absenteeism rates. If you create a commitment to a culture of perfect attendance, and if you are prepared for unexpected situations, everything is going to be easier and you will be able to manage it.

Signs that you should stop offshoring

If you have an offshore operation but you feel something is not working, you should consider that having issues in performance, customer satisfaction, cost, communication and synchronization could be sings that maybe it’s time to change your offshore operation to a nearshore operation. Let’s take a closer look.

Call Center Quotes

We know that sometimes it’s hard to keep the motivation up when work gets harder and stressful. But motivation is essential in call centers. People with no motivation can have a bad attitude and lose focus on the main goals. Therefore, the service we provide will not be as good as it could be and neither the performance.

When we talk about call center motivation, we consider three very important aspects that all call center workers, including CXO level staff, supervisors and agents, should keep in mind. These are: Employees, Teamwork, and Customer Service.

If you want to spread this motivation in the contact center, we recommend you share the following quotes with your team:

Nearshore Myths

We have heard the term “nearshore” for some time now and these days we hear more and more about it. We see more companies and consultants analyzing its pros and cons. But, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this business model. People tend to see nearshore as offshore in many aspects, even sometimes thinking that nearshore has more disadvantages than offshore. Due to these myths and misconceptions, business people don’t really see what makes Nearshore a great outsourcing option for their companies, if there are looking for value (quality at a lower cost) for their contact center & IT processes. Maybe you also have questions about the value of nearshore. For this reason, we want to debunk 5 myths we have heard about nearshore to help you better understand this business model and see if it’s a good fit your company’s business goals.

Reasons to Invest in Nearshore Mexico

There are several Nearshore locations that United States companies can consider when expanding or outsourcing their operations. Nowadays, countries like Costa Rica and Brazil are getting attention for Nearshore services. But, Mexico remains one of the favorites. This is because Mexico has great value for U.S. business when nearshoring their services. Mexico is a globally competitive country with good international relationships, the best cost advantage for the U.S., millions of talented people, developed infrastructure, and security for international businesses. Due to this, big companies like AT&T, Verizon, Citi and Walmart have established successful contact centers in Mexico. This industry keeps growing and maybe you should consider nearshoring your services to Mexico too.

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