Excellent interpersonal skills, motivated spirit, IT knowledge and service oriented mindset


At CCSI we take pride in our agents for their excellent interpersonal skills, motivated spirit, IT knowledge and service oriented mindset. Our agents are also known for their ability to communicate, accomplish tasks, achieve goals and diligent work ethic.

Due to our proximity with the United States, our agents are fluently bilingual and bicultural, which ensures an experienced, diverse workforce capable of handling North American Clients.

We believe in continuously exceeding client expectations

At Call Center Services International (CCSI) We believe in continuously exceeding client expectations. Here's what some of our clients have to say about working with us and seeing results from our nearshore contact center approach:

Patenaude & Felix
With Call Center Services International

Ray Patenaude

Our Mexican debt collectors helped us handle three-times the amount of placements. As a result, our recoveries have increased and we have been able to take on new clients.

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Ray Patenaude President, Patenaude & Felix

Brumbaugh & Quandahl
Satellite Debt Collection Call Center in Tijuana

Kirk Quandahl

The Tijuana Center has performed very well for the Firm. We are pleased with the quality of work and responsiveness of the collection team. We are saving money and our clients are happy with the performance results.

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Kirk Quandahl Managing Partner, Brumbaugh & Quandahl

TEMPOE’s Baja Collections Team
Hits Record 1 Million USD

Ben Farmer

Partnering with CCSI has made our nearshore center a successful venture. They had the expertise to recruit qualified personnel and provide key administrative support in Mexico.

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Ben Farmer Senior Director of Operations, TEMPOE

Wakefield & Associates
Baja Mexico Collection Center

Ryan Boettcher

CCSI has been a valuable resource in supporting Wakefield & Associates’ growth trajectory by supplying quality staffing assets who are committed partners in our success.

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Ryan Boettcher Chief operating Officer, Wakefield & Associates Inc.

Check ‘n Go Baja Team
Helps Achieve Record-Breaking Day

Doug Clark

What a great accomplishment … 5,000 loans in a day! Not only did you break our transaction record, you crushed it!

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Doug Clark President, Axcess Financial (Check 'n Go Parent)


Utilizing CCSI's nearshore approach will allow you to eliminate costly administrative personnel and unnecessary overhead.

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